• College Visits and Open House Dates!

    Seniors who wish to have an excused absence to visit a college campus for a day must have the visit approved by his or her counselor in advance. Students will not be approved if they have F's in any class. Students who attend college visits without prior approval will earn an Unexcused Absence.

    Seniors are allowed to have two college visit days as excused absences. Only the day on campus will be excused--travel days, etc. will not be Excused Absences at Salmen. Plan your visits accordingly.

    Seniors who are approved to visit a college must turn in an excuse from the school listing the student's name and date of visit.

    Juniors are encouraged to take advantage of open house dates that fall on Saturdays or Sundays!



    We will post college open house dates for Fall 2019 as they are sent to us.