Carrie Sullivan
  • Welcome! I am your maestra, Carrie Sullivan! Although this is my first year at Lakeshore, I have had 12 years K-12 language education experience and am excited to be teaching Spanish II, III and IV. Go Titans! 


  • Hello and welcome to Spanish! I am Carrie Sullivan and am very excited to be at Lakeshore High School. I have my Masters Degree in Teaching Languages and have 12 years of K-12 teaching experience. I believe language education should be an interactive and engaging eperience that draws upon your own interests and skils. Language isn't just about grammar and form, but also incorporates many areas of study that we will explore this year. It is important that we cover all aspects of learning a language, so that you will be informed, intrigued and interested in learning language throughout your life!

    Spanish II, III and IV will follow a language learning flow, using the international 5 C's of language learning. Communication, Connections, Community, Culture and Comparisons. We will begin each unit with Vocabulary, then move to specific grammar aspects. We will then use these two aspects of language in reading, writing, listening and speaking, while incorporationg the 5 C's along the way! Each part of the language flow has homework choices for you choose from. Please feel free to make suggestions or find new ways of doing meaningful homework for these concepts. Three homework choices a week will be turned in each Friday. This is an interactive classroom, where all activities  and homework are meaningfully assessed using specific language rubrics. There will be a cummulative exam in December and in May, so I encourage you all to keep your notes organized and available for review. 

    Most importantly, remember to relax and have fun! My goal for this year is to help each of you find ways to incorporate your own personal interests into the language learning process. 

    Let's Begin!