• Week 4.8 Lesson Plans

    Monday, May 13th:  Exit Survey

    Tuesday, May 14th:  EXAM REVIEW

    Wednesday, May 15h:  EXAM REVIEW

    Thursday, May 16th:  EXAM REVIEW

    Friday, May 17th:  EXAM REVIEW


    Week 4.7 Lesson Plans

    Monday, May 6th:  LEAP REVIEW

    Tuesday, May 7th:  LEAP REVIEW

    Wednesday, May 8th:  LEAP Test

    Thursday, May 9th: Propaganda Poster Project

    Friday, May 10th:  Propaganda Poster Project


     Week 4.6 Lesson Plans

    Monday, April 29th: Units 1 and 2 Review

    Tuesday, April 30th: Units 3 and 4 Review

    Wednesday, May 1st: Units 5 and 6 Review

    Thursday, May 2nd: Units 7 and 8 Review

    Friday, May 3rd:  Units 9 and 10 Review

     Week 4.5 Lesson Plans

    Monday, April 15th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Tuesday, April 16th:  Unit 10 Vocab Quiz Part 2: #26-53

    Wednesday, April 17th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Thursday, April 18th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Friday, April 19th:  Good Friday, no school


     Week 4.4 Lesson Plans

    Monday, April 8th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Tuesday, April 9th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Wednesday, April 10th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Thursday, April 11th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Friday, April 12th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW



    Week 4.3 Lesson Plans

    Monday, April 1st:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Tuesday, April 2nd:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Wednesday, April 3rd:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Thursday, April 4th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW

    Friday, April 5th:  LEAP 2025 REVIEW


    Week 4.2 Lesson Plans

    Monday, March 25th:  Unit 10 Vocab Review

    Tuesday, March 26th:  Unit 10 Vocab Review

    Wednesday, March 27th:  Forrest Gump + Film Questions

    Thursday, March 28th:  LEAP studyguide

    Friday, March 29th:  LEAP studyguide


    Week 4.1 Lesson Plans

    Monday, March 18th:  John Green Civil Rights Film Questions

    Tuesday, March 19th:  Unit 9 Vocab Review

    Wednesday, March 20th:  Unit 9 Vocab Quiz

    Thursday, March 21st:  Civil Rights DBQs

    Friday, March 22nd:  Unit 10 Intro


    Week 3.9 Lesson Plans

    Monday, March 11th:  Begin Unit 9 Vocab Powerpoint

    Tuesday, March 12th:  ACT for 1st - 4th hour, 5th and 6th - Continue Unit 9 Vocab Powerpoint

    Wednesday, March 13th:  Finish Unit 9 Vocab Powerpoint

    Thursday, March 14th:  Test/Quiz/Assignment Makeup Day

    Friday, March 15th:  Student Holiday


    Week 3.8 Lesson Plans

    Monday, February 25th:  The Butler + Film Questions - Intro to Civil Rights Era

    Tuesday, February 26th:  The Butler + Film Questions Continued

    Wednesday, February 27th:  Unit 8 Review - Major Themes and Concepts of the Cold War 

    Thursday, February 28th:  Unit 8 Test - Study Vocab and Notes

    Friday, March 1st:  Unit 9 Vocab Powerpoint


    Week 3.7 Lesson Plans

    Monday, February 18th:  Unit 8 LEAP practice questions

    Tuesday, February 19th:  McCarthyism, the Second Red Scare, and Anti-Communist Hysteria - Lecture, Class Discussion

    Wednesday, February 20th:  Unit 8 - Vocab Quiz Part 2 #21-40

    Thursday, February 21st :  Vietnam: Causes, Major Events, and Aftermath - Lecture, Class Discussion

    Friday, February 22nd:  Primary Sources on the Cold War Activity


    Week 3.6 Lesson Plans

    Monday, February 11th:  Continue Unit Vocab

    Tuesday, February 12th:  Finish Unit 8 Vocab

    Wednesday, February 13th:  Unit 8 - Vocab Quiz Part 1 #1-20

    Thursday, February 14th:  Begin War Games + Film Questions

    Friday, February 15th:  Finish War Games + Film Questions


    Week 3.5 Lesson Plans

    Monday, February 4th:  Unit 7 Review

    Tuesday, February 5th:  Intro to Unit 8 - The Cold War

    Wednesday, February 6th:  Unit 7 - WW2 Test

    Thursday, February 7th:  Unit 8 Vocab Review Part 1

    Friday, February 8th:  Unit 8 Vocab Review Part 2