• Classroom Expectations

    Come to class on time.

    Have any books, paper, writing tools, etc. out on the desk ready to begin when the tardy bell rings.

    Complete the bell ringer while roll is being called.

    Replenish supplies as needed.

    Stay seated at all times.

    Raise your hand to speak or to get out of your seat.

    Work well with others.

    Remember that not everyone has the same ideas as you do. Be willing to accept that people think differently and be open to accepting new ideas.

    Respect yourself, others, and others' property.

    Throw away all trash before leaving the room.

    Clean up after yourself.


    Homework Expectations

    Homework is given periodically throughout the week. Homework is for the benefit of the students to practice and review classroom information.  I require that the students write their homework in their planner on Monday for the entire week. If anything is changed, I tell them to pull out the planner and change the information. 6th grade has a policy. If a student does not do three homework assignments in one subject, the child will be given an after school academic assistance write up. They must stay after school on whichever day I am free from 2:30 - 3:00 to complete work. If they are assigned 3 of these academic assistant dates for any subject, they will receive an administrative referral.

    Spelling: When we cover a spelling unit, they must complete 3 spelling homework assignments throughout the week. They must write the words 3x each. Right now they can do 1x in Print and the other 2 in cursive. They also have a sheet of paper that lists 7 other activities they can complete as their 2nd homework assignment. The third assignment is their spelling packet. They are allowed to work on this as early finisher work in class. However, whatever isn't finished must be completed for homework and turned in Friday. The work is due Friday before they take the test.

    English: Usually there is 1-3 worksheets to complete for homework per week reviewing the skill we are covering in class. There is usually a test on Friday.

    Reading: Assignments vary each week on how many assignments are given.