• 2019 Graduation Requirement

    Louisiana requires public school students graduating spring 2018 and beyond to take one of the following steps as part of their Individual Graduation Plan:

    1. Complete the FAFSA; or

    2. A parent or legal custodian, or a student legally emancipated or of the legal age of majority, may certify a waiver in writing to the LEA (sample: non-participation LEA form/Letter); or

    3. Apply to recieve a waiver through the district hardship waiver process.


    The FAFSA window opens on October 1, 2018.

    One of the above 3 mentioned items must be on file for a student by March 1st or the student will not be permitted to graduate. Once students have completed the FAFSA, they should print their completion and turn it in to their counselor.

    Free FAFSA Help for Louisiana Residents: 1-844-463-2372 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm)

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