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  • Week of 08.20.18

    Math: Unit 1: Ratios and Rates

    -LEAP 360 Diagnostic Testing

    -Graded Assignment (GCF and LCM)

    -Ratio and Rates-Quiz

    Science: Introduction to Science Safety

    Unit 1:Transition Support-Introduction to Earth and the Moon



    Math: Unit 1 Continued

    Math- Ratio Quiz-Friday

    Homework-Practice (Ratios)

    Science- Time/Gravity Mini Assessment-Thursday

    Social Studies- Vocabulary Quiz - Friday


    Week of 09-10-2018

    Math: Unit 1 Continued

    Homework Practice-Unit Rate/Unit Price

    Unit Rate and Unit Price-Quiz on Wednesday

    Ratio Tables/Introduction to Graphs

    Science: Unit 1 Continued (Earth/Space)

     Phases of the moon, Rotation/Axis and Seasons/

    Quiz on Phases of the Moon, rotation, and seasons- Thursday

    Social Studies

    Emergence of Mesopotamia and civilization

    Impact of September 11th on the United States