• ***Weekly Schedule is always subject to change. The schedule will be adjusted accordingly each day if there are changes.

    Week of May 13 - 17


    Classwork - "Tides" Textbook pgs.544-547 and Review Worksheets

    If you were absent today - Get your copy of the review worksheets out of the class absent folder. Complete and turn in as soon as you can.

    Homework - Study for Unit 7 Test



    Classwork - Tides Articles & Data Table/Graphing Activity

    If you were absent today - You do not need to make up anything. I will have to excuse you from today's activity. 

    Homework - Study for Unit 7 Test



    Classwork - Tides PowerPoint Presentation & Review Worksheet

    If you were absent today - Get your copy of the notes sheet & review worksheet out of the class absent folder. Use the linked PowerPoint to fill it out, and keep both in your binder.

    Homework - Study for Unit 7 Test



    Classwork - Jeopardy Review for the Unit 7 Test

    If you were absent today - You do not need to make up anything. 

    Homework - Study for Unit 7 Test



    Classwork - Unit 7 Test

    If you were absent today - You will have to make up the Unit 7 Test in class when you return. 


    Lessons are based on the 5E Science Model: 

    Engage: An engage activity should make connections between past and present learning experiences. Students should become mentally engaged in the concept, process, or skill to be learned.

    Explore: Provides students with a common base of experiences. They identify and develop concepts, processes, and skills. During this phase, students actively explore their environment or manipulate materials.

    Explain: Helps students explain the concepts they have been exploring. They have opportunities to verbalize their conceptual understanding or to demonstrate new skills or behaviors. This phase also provides opportunities for teachers to introduce formal terms, definitions, and explanations for concepts, processes, skills, or behaviors.

    Elaborate: Extends students’ conceptual understanding and allows them to practice skills and behaviors. Through new experiences, the learners develop deeper and broader understanding of major concepts, obtain more information about areas of interest, and refine their skills.

    Evaluate: Encourages learners to assess their understanding and abilities and lets teachers evaluate students’ understanding of key concepts and skill development.

  • Student directions to access the online textbook:
    1. Log on to Moodle like a normal student: https://moodle.stpsb.org (use Firefox or Chrome)
    2. Scroll down and click the textbook they need
    3. Username: stpsb\(student user name)
    4. Password: (whatever their computer password is)