• Vocabulary, Historical information, and technical skills will be covered and reviewed on a weekly basis


    MR Riles has decided to do away with practical skills homework and bellringers until further notice.

    All project that students are given more than a week to complete will be worth 200 points. 

    All Daily in class activities (Vocab, Practice, etc.) will be worth a varying range of points between 10-100.

  • The Goal of the Art I Intro & Art I (High School Credit) class is to introduce our students to a variety of different mediums at two different levels. When you leave this class you should be shouting “stippling” in your sleep... it’s a shading technique. Our goal is to prepare you for Art II at the high school level before you leave FJHS.

Mr Riles
  • Mr Riles Classroom and Expectations

    Maximum Effort

    While Talent is always at the forefront of people’s minds when they think about what make “Art” great, I see things differently. Talent and Effort together are powerful and should not be discounted, but in my experience the talented become Lazy. This is why I say Maximum Effort, in my classroom we work every day all the time, we drill technical skills for homework to better enhance your abilities to execute said technical skills. Whatever you call it: Grit, Effort, Diligence, Hard work, “Stick-to-it-iveness”, work ethic, etc. is a crucial element to being successful in life and in Mr. Riles’ Class.

    Classroom Routine

    We begin every class with a bellringer and end it with an exit ticket, which will be graded for content knowledge (not participation). Students will enter the Art Room get out their Supplies for the day’s assignment and then place their bags on the shelf to the right of the door. At ten minutes before each period ends, Mr. Riles will call time ten minutes before class ends for cleanup and completion of exit tickets. You must turn in your bellringer/exit ticket at the end of class in order to receive credit if correct.

  • joseph.riles@stpsb.org