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  • Dear Parents,

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been outof school since last Wedensday.  My plan is to return to work on Monday, Oct.29th. I know that it can be very trying when a teacher is out for days at a time.  Please know that I will make sure that my students get the proper instruction that is needed when I return.  I assure you that I will not give any assessments unless I have personally taught the information.  I will re-assess my Math students next Wednesday on Real Numbers, after reteaching the information on Monday and Tuesday.  The assessment they took last Friday will not count.  I will also be offering additional help to any students that feel they need it and will advise you of when that will take place on Monday.  I assure you that I will get my students caught up and where they need to be.  Thank you for your patience and please feel free to email me should you have any other questions.


    Ms. Hartmann