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    My name is George V. Serban and this is my first year teaching public school orchestra and violin. I have a Bachelor of Music Performance from University of Craiova, Romania, with concentration in Instrumental-viola.

    I am a professional violist and violinist and I have played in many regional and national symphony orchestras and opera orchestras. 

    I am a lead tenor at Christ Episcopal Church in Covington, Louisiana and the Assistant Director Of North Shore Strings Orchestra.

    Our Music Program has  2 ensembles of orchestral stringed instruments(violin viola, cello)that meet during the school day in very small groups:

    Begining Orchestra- Students learn all skills using a traditional reading method and the Suzuki method, primarily by ear.

    Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra- Competitive ensamble- students must have previously played one or more years and read music at a basic level.

    Each group performs for the school and for the public twice a year or more.

    I am very excited to be teaching children how to play a stringed instrument.

    My goal is not only to teach your child how to play an instrument, but to teach your child how to develop musical skills that help in all aspects of life. Students should have fun playing an instrument and is very important that they understand the process of learning so that they can continue to grow both musically and personally.

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year!