Cherie Maser
  • Cherie Arnaud Maser



  • Welcome Students and Parents to my classroom!

     I am so excited to be here at Salmen High School.  This  is my 2nd year on staff and I hope to have many more!

    I have taught throughout the parish since 2010 many different science courses: Forensic Science, Health Science 2, Medical Terminology, Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors, and Physical Science.  Here  at Salmen I will be teaching Environmental Science.


    I graduated from the University of New Orleans  in  2009.  I Earned a Bachelor of Science in  Biology Secondary Education with a secondary concentration in Social Studies.  

    My classes will be using  moodle which can be accessed through the following link: or by accessing the Salmen High website which has a moodle link on the homepage. The students will the using their school email logins to access their course. 


    This is going to be a great year for me and my students  as  we  challenge each other  to be the best that we can be. 

    We   will be using Moodle for  textbook access.


    This  Week   :   We are  Studying  Human impacts on  Planet Earth.   There is  a  power point and  notetaking  guide on  Moodle.   As  well  as  I  am  placing   the  Textbook up as soon as we have  chapters  to  post.

    Next  Week:   We  will have  a  Test on the  Powerpoint and  Cold Reads  on  Friday  November 9.