Cherie Maser
  • Cherie Arnaud Maser



  • Welcome Students and Parents to my classroom!

     I am so excited to be here at Salmen High School.  This  is my first year on staff and I hope to have many more!

    I have taught throughout the parish since 2010 many different science courses: Forensic Science, Health Science 2, Medical Terminology, Biology 1, Biology 1 Honors, and Physical Science.  Here  at Salmen I will be teaching Biology and Environmental Science.


    I graduated from the University of New Orleans  in  2009.  I Earned a Bachelor of Science in  Biology Secondary Education with a secondary concentration in Social Studies.  

    My classes will be using  moodle which can be accessed through the following link: or by accessing the Salmen High website which has a moodle link on the homepage. The students will the using their school email logins to access their course. 

    We will also be using USATestprep to practice for the Biology EOC exam which will be in the spring semester.  More information coming soon!

    This is going to be a great year for me and my students  as  we  challenge each other  to be the best that we can be.  


    I  am  currently working on  getting all students  user names and passwords for  their textbooks, Moodle, and for Biology  USA Testprep.   Please be patient  everyone should be up and running by  next week!!!