• Week of October 1-5

    This week we will discuss Sequencing of Translations, Reflection, and Rotations. We will also go to the computer lab and work on IXL.  Any IXL topics not finished at school should be completed at home.

    Mon - HW - Pg. S38-S39 (1-5) - Sequencing Translations

    Tues -Sequencing Reflections - HW Study for Quiz

    Wed -IXL  Topics: 5th grade Tab - CC.3

                                6th grade Tab - DD.2

                                Geometry Tab - L.1

                                8th grade Tab - P.7, P.8, O.12

    Thurs - Midmodule 2 - Quiz

    Fri - No School Parish Fair


    Week of September 24-28

    This week are are preparing for our test on Transformations.

    Mon - Rotations WS - Due in class

    Tues - Test corrections for Scientific Notation (finish by Friday)

    Wed - HW - Study Guide for Transformations

    Thurs - Transformations Test

    Fri - HW - Geometry WS - 


    Week of September 17-21

    This week we are continuing our lessons on Transformations. We will discuss Reflections, Rotations and take a test over the 3 Transformations.

    Mon - HW - Translations WS (1-6)

    Tues - HW - Purple Book - Reflections  page 465 (1-7) 

    Wed - Reflections WS - Due in class

    Thurs - HW - Purple Book - Rotations  page 481 11-16

    Fri - Computer Lab - www.IXL.com  Topics:  8th grade tab:   N.3,P.3,P.4,P.5,P.6,P.2

    If students do not complete the topics in class, they are to go home and complete the assignment.



    Week of September 10-14

    This week we will begin lessons on Transformations starting with Translations.

     Mon -     HW: complete Study Guide for Test on Thursday

    Tues -    Computer Lab - IXL (if students don't finish in class, they complete at home)

                 www.IXL.com      Topics:  8th grade tab  :  G.1,G.2,G.3,G.4,F.6,F.10

    Wed -    HW: Page 457 (1-7) - purple book Volume 2

    Thurs -  TEST on Scientific Notation

    Fri -     Facing Math WS - Due in class



    Week of September 3-7

    This week we will be studying Scientific Notation: adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.


    Mon- OFF Holiday

    Tues -  Bad Weather Day - Hurricane Gordon

    Wed -  Bad Weather Day - Hurricane Gordon

    Thurs -  HW pg 63 (1-11) Purple book 

    Fri -     Calculating Scientific Notation WS - Due in class



    Week of August 27-31

    This week we are completing our topic on Exponents and Midmodule testing. We will start on Magnitude, Estimating Quantities and Scientific notation.


    Mon - Review with Study Guide

    Tues - Exponents TEST

    Wed - HW page S27 (1-5)

    Thurs - HW page S28-29 (1-5)

    Fri - HW page S35 (1-2)



    Week of August 20-24

    This week we are completing a LEAP 360 Diagnostic Test. It will take 3 days in the computer lab. Then we will continue our lesson on numbers raised to the zero power, negative exponents, and magnitude.


    Mon - Testing

    Tues - Testing

    Wed - Testing

    Thurs - HW - page S16 (1-5) and page S18 (5-8)

    Fri - HW - Study Guide for TEST on TUESDAY




    Week of August 13-17

    This week we are reviewing Exponential Notation and learning how to multiply and divide powers.


    Mon - Set up POD/Math Logs and Set up Binder

    Tues - HW - pg S4 (1,4,5)

    Wed - HW - handout page 27 (evens only)

    Thurs - Quiz of classroom procedures and HW 

    Fri - pg. 32 (a,b,c) and  pg. 33 (d,e,f) - due in class



    Week of August 6-10 

    This week we will be welcoming students back to school and having introductions and talking about expectations.

    Mon - No school

    Tues - No school

    Wed - No school

    Thurs - Get to know you activity - Welcome Back!

    Fri - Expectations