• I love teaching and working with students.  I am so glad that I will be working with you and your child this year for sixth grade English Language Arts.  It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning, activities and adventures and I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us!

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • September 17-21



    September 10-14

    English Language Arts:

         This week students will be assessed on Chapters 1 - 5 from If Stones Could Speak. A study guide has been given to students and answers will be checked on Wednesday.  Thursday will be a review in preparation of Friday's test.

         SpellCab #3 homework is due on Thursday.

         SpellCab #3 quiz is on Thursday.

    Social Studies:

         Students are completing Chapter One.  Students will take the Chapter One test on Thursday.  A study guide has been given to students and answers will be checked and a review given on Wednesday in preparaton of Thursday's test.

    August 27-31

    English Language Arts:

                This week, students will identify realistic and unrealistic characteristics when they compare a video on archaeology to several texts about archaeology.

                This week’s SpellCab words are:  sagacious, otiose, retorted, fey, meager, awry, mane, and portal.  SpellCab homework is due on Thursdays.  SpellCab quizzes are also every Thursday, unless a special holiday or school schedule changes the week.

                Grammar lessons will focus on subjects, predicates, and compound sentences.

    Social Studies

    Students will continue their discussion about the Hunter/Gatherer people and how their civilization was created. 

    August 20-24

    English Language Arts:

    This week we will be having our first Daily Oral Language (proofreading and grammar) and SpellCab assignments.  Students will put those red ink pens to use this week!

    The SpellCab #1 words for this week are:  tedious, nestled, verdant, shrilled, ingenuous, auburn, insipid, and waggish.

                In reading, we are continuing to interact with the main text, If Stones Could Speak. We will also be learning about Archaeology and how it has changed from “treasure hunters” to “treasure learners.”

    Social Studies:

    Students will discover how glaciers impacted landforms and if the Ice Age affected the hunter/gatherer people. 


    August 13-17

    English Language Arts:

    This week, we will introduce and practice our Daily Oral Language (DOL) and Spellcab  (spelling and vocabulary) activities.  We will review proofreading marks and begin grammar mini-lessons as needed.

    Students will be walked through the writing process as they create autobiographies.  In reading, we will begin our first unit with the anchor text If Stones Could Speak. Students will explore archaeology and Stonehenge through articles, pictures, poems, and videos.

    Social Studies:

    Students will discover why it is important to study history and identify a source as primary or secondary.