Chasity Thompson
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    School Phone Number: (985) 643-1592

  • My name is Chasity Thompson. I am your child’s 6th grade Math teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. I look forward to teaching your child Math and having a fabulous school year!

    6th grade students are eager to learn as they start junior high! Grade 6 mathematics will introduce them to new material in a challenging but exciting way. The students are to expect a follow-up of the basic mathematical skills they have learned in their elementary grades. They have mastered the four basic fundamental operations, and are now ready for a more challenging year of computations, equations, and mathematical problems. Grade 6 math will enhance the basic math skills, number sense & operations, using formulas, and problem solving. The students will also learn how to analyze and interpret graphs and data. Geometry will also be taught to them, where they are to learn about the different geometric figures. The latter part of the course will be on measurements, and how to solve for perimeter, area, volume, and more. 6th grade math will be an encouraging, fun-filled year of learning numbers, which the students will always look forward to.