Hanna Sherlock
  • hanna.sherlock@stpsb.org

  • As a fourth grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School, I believe that learning is achievable for every single student when given the correct tools and environment.  I strive to provide a fun, engaging, and rigorous enivorment for the children in my class.  To me, every child that walks through the door brings something unique to our class community, and I treasure each and every one of them.  The students in my class achieve their goals, because they are held to high standards and they know I care deeply about their success.  It is not only important that they are learning academic skills, but also social skills such as empathy and acceptance.  

    I attended the University of New Orleans for both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  I have taught for five years, and have experience in several grade levels.  Fourth grade is an exciting time for learners, as the world of literature and informational texts is explored to deepen the understanding of academic topics.  Students in my class will be encouraged to ask questions, form opinions, and have discussions with their peers.  I am passionate about teaching, and the success of my students!