• Rochelle (Shelley) Throckmorton


    I am excited to begin my second school year of teaching at Clearwood Jr. High School this year!  I love working with kids and have a personal passion for learning.  I obtained an Associates Degree in Child Development and a B.S. in Marriage/Family/Human Development with an emphasis in therapy.  I also obatined a minor in Child Psychology.  I have worked as a counselor for teens for several years.  After homeschooling 2 of my children for a short period of time, I realized how much I wanted to combine my expereince of working with youth and bring it into the classroom. 

    I am certified to teach both English/Language Arts and Mathematics.  As a teacher I offer a unique understanding of child development and the learning process.  It is my desire to teach from the inside out and help students apply their previous knowledge and new experiences to the world around them.  This is particularly exciting in the field of language arts and relating to things we read about.  I hope you will join me on this exciting journey of learning and growth this year!