Melanie Seibert Talley
  •  - Melanie Talley 

  •      Hello! My name is Melanie Talley. I have been teaching here at Pearl River since last Spring.  I have a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. I have owned my own business for the last 15 years as a wedding videographer/photographer. I was asked to take over English last Spring for a teacher retiring. I loved teaching so much I decided to get my certification.

       This year I was asked back at Pear River to teach dual enrollement Psychology and Environmental Science. I love all the students! It is definitely why I have chosen this profession.  Although I am an English teacher at heart, I have found with Environmental Science I can make a huge impact on the way the students view this world and the future. We work together on key terms, understanding how our actions are causing some harm to our environment and ways we can improve our behaviors. 

        This sememster the students have learned how the Earth works as well as why it is important to continue to improve some habits that are harmful to your environment. I give a light load of homework with only 1 assignment each week. I call this the Google of the Week. The students can use their phones to look up a question I have written on the board.  We also watch various videos on natural disasters and in turn the students submit an essay explaining what they learned.  I look forward to teaching here in the future. I hope each student finds my class fun, positive and it makes them a little more aware of their behaviors that effect the future of our world.