Homework Clipart
  • Week of September 17-21

    This week we are continuing our lessons on Transformations. We will discuss Reflections, Rotations and take a test over the 3 Transformations.

    Mon - HW - Translations WS (1-6)

    Tues - HW - Purple Book - Reflections  page 465 (1-7) 

    Wed - Reflections WS - Due in class

    Thurs - HW - Purple Book - Rotations  page 

    Fri - Computer Lab - www.IXL.com  Topics:  8th grade tab:   N.3,P.3,P.4,P.5,P.6,P.2

          If students do not complete the topics in class, they are to go home and complete the assignment.



    Week of September 10-14

    This week we will begin lessons on Transformations starting with Translations.


    Mon -     HW: complete Study Guide for Test on Thursday

    Tues -    Computer Lab - IXL (if students don't finish in class, they complete at home)

                 www.IXL.com      Topics:  8th grade tab  :  G.1,G.2,G.3,G.4,F.6,F.10

    Wed -    HW: Page 457 (1-7) - purple book Volume 2

    Thurs -  TEST on Scientific Notation

    Fri -     Facing Math WS - Due in class



    Week of September 3-7

    This week we will be studying Scientific Notation: adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing.


    Mon- OFF Holiday

    Tues -  Bad Weather Day - Hurricane Gordon

    Wed -  Bad Weather Day - Hurricane Gordon

    Thurs -  HW pg 63 (1-11) Purple book 

    Fri -     Calculating Scientific Notation WS - Due in class



    Week of August 27-31

    This week we are completing our topic on Exponents and Midmodule testing. We will start on Magnitude, Estimating Quantities and Scientific notation.


    Mon - Review with Study Guide

    Tues - Exponents TEST

    Wed - HW page S27 (1-5)

    Thurs - HW page S28-29 (1-5)

    Fri - HW page S35 (1-2)



    Week of August 20-24

    This week we are completing a LEAP 360 Diagnostic Test. It will take 3 days in the computer lab. Then we will continue our lesson on numbers raised to the zero power, negative exponents, and magnitude.


    Mon - Testing

    Tues - Testing

    Wed - Testing

    Thurs - HW - page S16 (1-5) and page S18 (5-8)

    Fri - HW - Study Guide for TEST on TUESDAY




    Week of August 13-17

    This week we are reviewing Exponential Notation and learning how to multiply and divide powers.


    Mon - Set up POD/Math Logs and Set up Binder

    Tues - HW - pg S4 (1,4,5)

    Wed - HW - handout page 27 (evens only)

    Thurs - Quiz of classroom procedures and HW 

    Fri - pg. 32 (a,b,c) and  pg. 33 (d,e,f) - due in class



    Week of August 6-10 

    This week we will be welcoming students back to school and having introductions and talking about expectations.

    Mon - No school

    Tues - No school

    Wed - No school

    Thurs - Get to know you activity - Welcome Back!

    Fri - Expectations