Mrs. Wood
  • End of the first 9 weeks: Tests and Projects Due

    We are nearing the end of the first nine weeks of your student's fourth grade year. Our class is settling in and making progress on many fronts. Many of the students have missed a day or two of school and, in turn, have missed a few assignments and tests. Next week, the students will have an entire day to make up any and all missed assignments. Each student has met with me individually and knows for which tests they need to study. Our make up day is Tuesday, October 10th.

    Regions Brochures are due on Monday, October 9th. We have been working on this project in class for the last week and a half. I am very proud of the effort made by each of my students. They have been working very hard and putting in loads of effort!

    Library Assignment: Our librarian gave the students an autobiography assignment that is due on Tuesday, October 10th. Each student has been assigned to make a card with personal information. They were sent home with instructions to complete this assignment. 


    Welcome students and parents!

    I am Mrs. Wood and I will be your child's 4th-grade math and science teacher. I graduated from UNO with a Bachelor in Education, Elementary 1-5. I absolutely love working with children and instilling a love of learning. This year we are going to work hard, but we're also going to have a lot of fun in the process. I look forward to an amazing year and getting to know each of my students!

    Kindest regards,

    Mrs. Wood



  • Online Textbook Access

    Online Textbook Access Instructions

    Please click on the link and follow the instructions to access your child's textbooks online. You can find your child's username and password inside of his or her school agenda book. You'll also see three things written on the card; these are the answers to the security questions in case your child has to reclaim his/her account.

    You can access your child's math, science, and social studies books through this link.


    Math Resources: