•      Welcome to 6th grade English Language Arts with Mrs. Beckham! This is my 3rd year teaching at St. Tammany Jr. High.  I am looking forward to the 2018-2019 year being an amazing year for our school!

         I graduated from the University of New Orleans, in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Secondary English Education.  Teaching English and Reading is my passion.  I love seeing students progress throughout the year, and take pride in their work.


    Please remind your child to do test corrections, and turn it back in to me within a week.

    The way test corrections work:

    1. Students must correctly write each question/problem and answer that they got incorrect on their test on a piece of looseleaf.

    2. Staple the looseleaf to the top of the original graded test.

    3. Looseleaf paper must have the proper heading in the top right hand corner.

    First and last name

    Date they are doing the test corrections.

    Class period they are in.

    4. Looseleaf must have a title on the top left line.

    Test Corrections - Name of Test

    5. Turn in test corrections to blue bucket in classroom as they walk into the room, or as they are leaving.

    6. I will check the test corrections, and they will receive one letter grade increase in JPams.  For example, a B on a test will turn into an A if the students completes their test corrections correctly.  With the ability to do test corrections, EVERY CHILD IS ABLE TO PASS MY CLASS.  With test corrections, a F on a test will turn into a D, which is passing.

    7. The same concept applies to classwork as well.  Students are always encouraged to redo classwork to raise it one letter grade.  

    8. Late work is also accepted, however they will lose points for it not being turned in on time except in the case of an absence on the day it was assigned or the day it was due.

    Please email me if you have any questions.  Patricia.Beckham@stpsb.org

    I am available every morning at 7am to work with students before school.  Students must have a pass to come to my classroom before school.

    Thank you, Mrs. Beckham