Mr. McCord
  • Hello! My name is Adrian Rotondo-McCord (Mr. McCord) and I am so excited about all the music we will create this year.

    I am a graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans with a Bachelor in Music Education in 2015.

    I began my teaching career at Abney Elementary in September 2016 and became Band Director in 2018.




    Mardi Gras Kinder Ball - Select Group - February 15th

    A small group of band members will perform for the Kindergarten Ball. These students will be chosen by Mr. McCord.


    Abney Mardi Gras Parade - FULL BAND - February 27th

    Our full band will set up outside on the "parade route" for our 1st Grade Parade. 

    Attending band class is required to participate in this parade. A week prior, Mr. McCord will send out a list of students who will perform.


    Spring Concert - Full Band - May 15th

    There will be two performances on Wednesday, May 15th - one in the the morning, and one in the afternoon before school ends. There will be no after-school performances. Please look out for a reminder/RSVP event page soon!


    Rehearsal Schedule 



    Tuesday, Feb 12th

    7:45 am - 8:10 am

    Thursday, Feb 14th

    7:45 am - 8:10 am

    Monday, Feb 18th

    3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

    Tuesday, Feb 19th

    3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

    Monday, Feb 25th

    3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

    Tuesday, Feb 26th

    3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

    Wednesday, Feb 27th

    Abney Mardi Gras

    7:45 am - 8:10 am
    1 p.m. performance!

     Weekly Schedule


    8:30 - 5th Grade Sax & Clarinet

    2:00 pm - 4th Grade Brass



    8:30 - 5th Grade Flute

    1:30 pm - 4th Grade Brass



    8:30 - 5th Grade Trumpet

    2:00 pm - 4th Grade Woodwinds



    8:30 - 5th Grade Trombone & Baritone

    1:30 pm - 4th Grade Woodwinds



    8:30 - 5th Grade Percussion

    2:00 pm - 4th Grade Percussion