Nikky Bevers, Librarian
  • Nikky Bevers



  • My name is Nikky Bevers.  I have a Bachelor's of Science degree. I also have ten years of experience in education working with special education students, struggling readers, ESL students, and in English Language Arts. This is my second year at Lake Harbor Middle School as the librarian. 

    My goal is to make the library a place where learning in the classroom connects to extending knowledge.  Over the course of the next two years, the goal is to add maker spaces to the library.  These maker spaces will be self-running activities that endeavor to help the student develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

    Our campus is a HUGE proponent of Accelerated Reader.  If you are unfamiliar with this program, it is designed to increase reading through reward.  It is my belief that reading should be tied to experiences especially for younger students.  Last year, our campus rewards were viewing the Mugshots Burger Eating challenge - LIVE!, Pelicans Training Camp, and a Taco Eating Challenge.  The Top Two Readers from each class are given a special reward.  Last year, they attended the Louisiana Book Festival, Brunch with Bryan Chick (author of the Secret Zoo series) and The Life of a Book Tour with Barnes and Noble.  There is no limit to what our campus will do to promote reading!