Kenny Matz
  • Mr. Matz

    Physcial Science and Physics



     Hello and welcome to our physical science class or physics class. I am pleased to have you here. We are going to have a great time investigating chemistry and physics along with  some amazing technologies.

    My name is Kenny Matz and I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Physical Science. This year will be my yhird year teaching and my first year at Salmen High. Before becoming a teacher I worked in the IT field for several years. I have a natural passion for science and technology. I have studied many discilplines within the sciences and I find them all to be interesting but chemistry and physics are my favorites. Because I have studied alot of physics I  have an extensive education in math. I have also earned an Associates degree in electronics and digital technology. I have attended professional development for literacy, classroom management, ACT prep, STEM teaching, and many other valuable educational topics.

    I am excited to have you all here this year and I am looking forward to learning, labs, and laughter, because science can be fun!