Brian Hanson, Teacher
  • Hello and welcome to my classroom. This is my my 7th year teaching with five years at Southeastern Louisiana University and two years at the high school level here at Salmen. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in general studies, I went on to get a master's degree in music theory. I have experience teaching a wide range of subjects, including social studies, music, reading, and English.

    Here at Salmen, I teach World Geography for the 9th grade. In this class, students will ultimately learn how people and places are connected and how the environment, society, history, politics, and economics influence a region's perspectives, values, traditions, and beliefs. On this site, you will find an Assignments Page and a Calendar Page. The Assignments Page will include daily slide presentations, worksheets, maps, project overviews, and other material from class. The Calandar Page will contain information about upcomings tests and deadlines.

    If you have any questions, I can be contacted at the following address:

    And if you need to contact the school, here is Salmen's information: Phone (985-643-7359) Fax (985-645-8776)Phone (985) 643-7359
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    Phone (985) 643-7359
    Fax (985) 645-8776