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  • Week of 2/18:

    Junior Achievement Day all day Wednesday in class. 

    ELA: We will read chapters 10-12 in The Egypt Game.

    Our focus skill this week will be types of character conflict. I added information about character conflict as a link to the left. 

    We will complete a Narrative Writing Task. 

    There will be NO more spelling homework for the remainder of this nine weeks. We will complete reading comprehension homework. 

    Social Studies: We will finish our discussion of Rome this week. 

    Week of 2/11:

    Candy Grams will continue to be sold during homeroom. 

    Valentine Candy/Cards may be sent and distributed on Thursday. We have 29 students. 

    PBIS Prize Bingo will be Friday. Students must have 20 BIG tickets and no behavior infractions of any kind to attend.

    ELA: We will read chapters 7-9 in The Egypt Game. 

    Our focus skill this week will be determining the theme of a text. 

    We will complete a Research Simulation Task. 

    Spelling homework is posted. 

    Social Studies: We will continue to discuss Rome. 

  • Week of 2/4

    Candy Grams will be sold all this week in homeroom for fifty cents each. 

    ELA- We will read chapters 4-6 in The Egypt Game.

    We will continue to focus on non-fiction text structure.

    We will complete a Literary Analysis Task.

    Spelling homework is posted.

    Social Studies- We will begin to learn about ancient Rome. 

    Tuesday, we will complete a final assessment on ancient Greece. 


  • Week of 1/28

    Graded papers were sent home today. Please sign and RETURN all papers. 

    ELA- We will begin our novel The Egypt Game this week. Over the course of the week, we will read chapters 1-3. 

    Our focus skill will be text structure.

    Spelling homework is posted. 

    Social Studies- We will compare Athenian Democracy to Democracy in the United States. We will also learn about Alexander the Great. 

  • Week of 1/22

    I made changes to the testing schedule this morning, January 22nd. Please review the assignments calendar for updated information. 

    ELA- We will work on a Narrative Writing Task this week. 

    Figurative Language will be our focus skill. 

    Spelling homework is posted. 

    Social Studies- We will continue to learn about Ancient Greece with the focus being on the government types. 

    I have added resources about government types of Ancient Greece to the website. 

  • Welcome back!

    I hope that all of my students and their families had an amazing holiday. Now, it's time to get back to work! We will be reading The Egypt Game during the third nine weeks. I have a link to the PDF version of the book on my website. Please feel free to use that to review with your child what we have covered in class or as a tool for them to catch up when they may be absent. Along with reading the novel, we will work on various reading skills as well as writing. In social studies, we will be learning about ancient Greece. We will also review past information such as hunter-gatherers and the River Valley Civilizations. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.