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  • Joshua Stearman


    Welcome back Skippers! I am incredibly excited to work with everyone this year and share my passion for the arts with as many people as I can. Whether you are in a band class or a Fine Arts Survey class, I hope that you leave here with a greater appreciation of music and the arts and a new way of thinking about things.


    This is my 5th year of teaching, and third here at Mandeville High where I serve as the Assistant Director of Bands, working with all aspects of the band program, as well as teaching several Fine Arts Survey classes.  I earned my Bachelor of Music Education degree from Louisiana State University where I studied percussion under Brett Dietz and conducting under Dennis Llinás. I am a graduate of Slidell High School, and have performed with the LSU Wind Ensemble, LSU Symphony Orchestra, Hamiruge: the LSU Percussion Group, the Acadian Wind Symphony, and the National Community Band. Last year I was honored with the "Outstanding Young Music Educator Award" by the Louisiana Music Educators Association, and I serve as the secretary of the District IX Band Directors Association.


    I don't believe that some people are born more talented or intelligent than others, but I do believe that hard work can lead anyone to success. I also belive that if you are truly interested in a topic, you can study it forever and never get tired about it. My goal is that students find something interesting to latch on to in my class and continue as lifelong learners.