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    Parents and Students, 


    Welcome to the third nine weeks! The second semester is officially underway!

    Students need to continue to reflect on their efforts from the first semester and decide on the level of effort that they are going to put into their studies. This nine weeks, we will continue to have conversations in class on how the material will relate to future tests and what is expected of them. Students need to keep up with due dates! Time is of the essence this semester! Additional time for making up assignments will be few and far between.

    No late work will be accepted unless the absence is EXCUSED. Any work that is turned in without a name on it, will be discarded. NO EXTRA CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN THIS SEMESTER!

    All 8th Grade students will have biweekly assessments. Students need to stay on top of reveiwing material daily. Their tests will cover 4 to 5 concepts. The tests will continue to be between 10 - 15 questions.

    ALL extra copies of work will be placed in the hanging red folder. Students are responsible for checking the folders when they return from absences. 

    If you have any questions about a grade, you have one week from the day the grade is due to meet with me to discuss the grade. 

    Furthermore, students continue to struggle with operating with integers and multiplying and dividing. 

    Please make sure that you are checking JPAMS daily as grades are entered regularly.


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