• Gina Gomez


    Welcome to the CIE FAMILY, where we understand that:





    I'm a Special Education teacher at this GREAT school smack-dab in the middle of the most beautiful, natural setting with an abundance of tall-whispering trees, beautifully-blooming flowers and sweet-singing birds all around us.  This wonderful little school is my home away from home, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job!


    I had the pleasure to begin my teaching career in 2002, as a 4th-grade teacher.  I've enjoyed teaching grades 2 - 5 since then.  After many years of working with special-needs students, as an Inclusion Teacher in my general-education classroom, I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Special Education.  Now that I'm spending my days working (having fun) in a specialized classroom setting, I know that Special Education is MY place to shine and to bring out that sparkle-n-shine in each of my sweet students.  I definitely DO what I LOVE and LOVE what I DO!  My daily goal is to send your precious lil ones home feeling more confident, more educated and happier than the day before.  My classroom is a calm, inviting place where my awesome students feel safe and free to be themselves.  I work each day to reinforce the great manners that you instill in them each day at home and I strive to help them become the best young people and learners that they can be!


    I welcome your questions, concerns, and classroom visits, as I appreciate how important it is for us to work together as a team.  I especially welcome all visitors who bring coffee and donuts!  :)  


    Please feel free to call me directly at (985) 882-7541 OR e-mail me at


    Together, we WILL make the world a brighter, better place for our young learners!