Mrs. Herrera
  • Aimee Herrera

    5th grade Math and Science

  • I can't believe it! Summer is here!

    Be sure to stay "math" focused over the summer. Freshen up on multiplication facts, decimals, and fractions.

    You will definitely need all of these next year!


    Hope your year was as great as mine was, and I'll see all of you around next year! 

    Mrs. Herrera



    Hello and welcome to my classroom. This is my 11th year teaching. This is my third year at Mayfield. I taught previously at Immaculate Conception School, where I was a third grade teacher for 7 years, and a middle school math teacher for my last year there. I love my job and love teaching in St. Tammany Parish.

    I graduated from University of New Orleans and also Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

    The classroom should be a fun place to learn, where it is safe to make mistakes.  We are a family, and should help and support each other.  5th grade requires hard work each and every day, and every student should give nothing but their best.  Learning is an adventure, with everyone finding their most successful path.  My job is to facilitate a supportive and successful environment for each and every one of my students.  Let's make this the best year ever!