Wendy Picard
  • Ms. Wendy Picard

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! My name is Wendy Picard and this is my third year at Covington High School. I have been teaching ESL since 2007 and I've loved every year! I enjoy coming to school each day and working with students who are eager to learn and want to be successful. My favorite day of the year is Graduation Day! This is where I get to watch my students who have worked so hard, cross that stage to receive their diploma! I treat each student as if they were my own, having high expectations for each of them. Please feel free to contact me at the school or via email, so we can work together!


    All students taking ESL classes will have individual lesson plans based on their proficiency level. Materials, assignments, activities, and tests are designed to improve the student's ability to think, speak, read, and write in English. Content enhancement activities will aid the student in all curriculum areas. Course pacing will be determined on an individual basis depending on student's proficiency level and amount of time needed for skill acquisition in order to advance to the next level.


    • Expose yourself to as much English outside of the school setting as possible. Read English books, magazines, newspapers, and books; listen to the radio or watch television in English; practice conversational English ouside of the school setting.
    • Write down any words or phrases you do not know to share in class discussion. 
    • Promptly inform me if you are having any language-based inssues in any of your other classes so I can help you.