Jody Hawkins
  • Jody Hawkins

    9th Grade English On Level


    This is my 30th year in Education and I am very excited to be here at Mandeville High. I am passionate about seeing students truly learn HOW to learn (instead of memorize material) and seeing those same students use their new-found knowledge to further both their educations and their characters. Your children matter, and I hope to partner with you to see them succeed.


    I received a BA in Liberal Studies from McNeese State University, a BA in Theology and a Master's of English and Teaching from UNO. I also did post graduate work at Belmont University in Nashville and studied Visual Arts/Scupture at New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. I am a Teacher/Consultant for the National Writing project. Teaching in both public and private schools in Tennessee and Louisiana has afforded me a unique perspective on what will be expected from students as they progress in their education.


    I am so looking forward to a highly successful year of growth!