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    Week Ten 4th Quarter (May 21st - May 23rd)

    Make-Up Work

    Extra Credit

    Toast to Change

    Week Nine 4th Quarter (May 14th - May 18th)

    Create Various Poems Project


    Ex. Flowers are blooming

         They are colorfully bright

         Flowers are happy

    I Am "I Am" Template



    Concrete (Computer Lab TBA) (In the shape of its subject)

     Ex. Concrete Poem

    Poetry Bingo (???)

    Week Eight 4th Quarter (May 7th - May 11th)

    Elements of Poetry Quiz Wednesday May 9th

    "Mother To Son" p. 616

    "Ode To Solitude" p. 622

    "Sonnet XVII" CommonLit Sonnet XVII

    "What Teachers Make" CommonLit What Teachers Make

    "Casey At Bat" (Poetry Quiz)

    "One More Round" p. 626

    "Not My Bones" p. 629

    8TH GRADE PICNIC - Report to homeroom!

    Week Seven 4th Quarter Testing(April 29th - May 4th )

    Elements of Poetry

    "Simile" p. 584

    "Intro to Poetry" p. 586

    "Macavity" p. 590

    "Identity" p. 601

    "It's All ..." p. 606

    "We Alone" p. 608

    Week Six 4th Quarter Testing (April 23rd - April 26th)

    Act II Quiz

    The Oldest Survior CL The Oldest Survivor

    Week Five 4th Quarter Testing (April 16th - 20th)

    Act II Scenes I to V Reading Guide

    Week Four 4th Quarter Testing (April 9th - 13th)

    Act I Scenes Quiz 

    Anne Frank CL Anne Frank

    Introduction to the Holocaust CL Intro to the Holocaust

    Week Three 4th Quarter (March 26th - March 29th )

    Reading Guide Act I Scenes Three through Five Act I Scenes III to V Reading Guide

    Reading Guide Act I Scenes One and Two Scenes 1 and 2 

    Elements of Drama Drama Notes

    Freedom Writer's Activity

    Week Two 4th Quarter (March 19th - 23rd )

    Diary of Anne Frank (Act I and II) Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl

    Vocabulary/Quote Activity

    Character Analysis Chart

    Greek and Latin Assessment 1

    Daily Activity PPP Daily Activity PPP

    Week One 4th Quarter (March 12th - 16th)

    Holocaust Webquest

    Anne Frank Biography

    Greek and Latin 20

    Elements of Persuasion and Argument

    Fishbowl Discussion (Holocaust Article)

    Daily Activity PPP Daily ActivityPPP

    Week Nine 2nd Semester (March 5th -March 9th)

    "Before Rosa Parks" Activity

    3rd Quarter Reading Exam

    Answering Various Types of Questions Activity

    Mystery Game (???)

    PD for Staff (Friday, March 9th: No Students)

    Week Eight 2nd Semester (Feb. 27-March 2)

    Chapters 16-Manuscript Quiz

    3rd Quarter Constructed Respons

    Tiger Family

    "We Shall Overcome" Activity 

    Renaissance Rally

    Week Seven 2nd Semester (Feb. 19-23)

    Bellwork February 19-23 Bellwork

    Murder She Wrote Video

    Review Chapters 9-12 for Quiz


    Read Chapters 13-15

    Week Six 2nd Semester (Feb. 4th - 9th)

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Chapters 9-12

    Greek and Latin 18 Due 2/9/18

    Chapter 9-12 Review

    Chapter Nine Activity Chapter 9 Activity

    Week Five 2nd Semester (29th - Feb. 2nd)

    Chapters 5-8 Review

    Chapters 5-8 Quiz

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze 9-10

    Chapters 9 - 12 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 17

    Week Four 2nd Semester (22nd - 26th)

    Quiz Chapters 1-4

    Chapter Five Review

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Chapters 5-8

    Chapters 5-8 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 16

    Chapters 1-8 Vocabulary Chapters 1-8 Vocabulary 

    All Chapter Vocabulary Due Day of Chapter Completion!

    Week Three 2nd Semester (15th - 19th)

    Quiz Chapters 1-4 Review

    Quiz Chapters 1-4 (rescheduled for Monday 1/22/18)

    Greek and Latin Packet 15

    Week Two 2nd Semester (January 8th - 12th)

    Read, discuss, and analyze Chapters 1-4

    Character Profile Packet

    Chapters 1-4 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 14

    Week One 2nd Semester (January 3rd - 5th)

    Elements of a Mystery Review

    Ten Little Indians