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    Week Six 2nd Semester (Feb. 4th - 9th)

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Chapters 9-12

    Greek and Latin 18 Due 2/9/18

    Chapter 9-12 Review

    Chapter Nine Activity Chapter 9 Activity

    Week Five 2nd Semester (29th - Feb. 2nd)

    Chapters 5-8 Review

    Chapters 5-8 Quiz

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze 9-10

    Chapters 9 - 12 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 17

    Week Four 2nd Semester (22nd - 26th)

    Quiz Chapters 1-4

    Chapter Five Review

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Chapters 5-8

    Chapters 5-8 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 16

    Chapters 1-8 Vocabulary Chapters 1-8 Vocabulary 

    All Chapter Vocabulary Due Day of Chapter Completion!

    Week Three 2nd Semester (15th - 19th)

    Quiz Chapters 1-4 Review

    Quiz Chapters 1-4 (rescheduled for Monday 1/22/18)

    Greek and Latin Packet 15

    Week Two 2nd Semester (January 8th - 12th)

    Read, discuss, and analyze Chapters 1-4

    Character Profile Packet

    Chapters 1-4 Study Guide

    Greek and Latin Packet 14

    Week One 2nd Semester (January 3rd - 5th)

    Elements of a Mystery Review

    Ten Little Indians 

    Week 18 (December 18th - 20th)

    There is a link on Moodle to turn in the quotes assignments.

    Exams Continued

    December 20th - Make-Ups

    Week 17 (December 11th - 15th)

    Unit 2 Reading Exam(Study Guide - Guidebook) Thursday, December 14th

    Unit 2 Essay Due Friday, December 15th

    Monday, December 11th Library Visit/Constructed Response

    Week 16 (December 4th - 8th)

    Continue to Read Chapter 7 of Call of the Wild

    Chapter 6 Quotes Due Friday, December 8th

    Chapter 7 Quotes Due Monday, December 11th

    Greek and Latin Packet 12 Due December 8th 

    Five thru Seven Quotes

    Week 15 (November 27th -December 1st)

    Socratic Seminar

    Read Chapter 6 

    Greek and Latin Packet 11 Due December 4th

    Chapter 4 Quotes Due Friday December 1st

    Chapter 5 Quotes Due Monday December 4th


    Week 14 (November 13th - 17th)

    Chapter 5 Cold Read Assignment - pages 89-103 (novel)Cold Read Practice Assessment

    Finish Reading and Discussing Chapter 5 Call of the Wild - pages 104-114 (novel)

    Peer Edit Theme Essay

    Final Draft - Theme Essay

    Chapter Three Quotes Chapter Three Quotes

    Buck Transformation Activity Domestic to Wild Buck 

    Talent Show - Friday, November 17th 2017

    Week 13 (November 6th - 10th)

    Continue to read and discuss "To Build a Fire" (Guidebook)

    Complete Theme Essay

    Chapters 1 and 2 Quotes Activity

    Greek and Latin Packet 9 Due Friday

    Week 12 (October 30th - November 3rd)

    Read, Analyze and Disuss Chapter Four

    Chapters 1-4 Quiz Chapters 1-4 Study Guide

    "To Build a Fire" (Guidebook) "To Build a Fire"

    Greek and Latin Packet 8

    Black Out Poem assignment Black Out Poem

    Week 11 (October 23rd - 27th)

    Greek and Latin Packet 7 Due Friday, October 27th 2017

    Read, Analyze and Discuss Chapter Three

    Complete Lessons 13 through 15

    Sensory Details

    Citing Evidence

    Week 10 (16th - 20th)

    8th Grade ELA Field Trip

    Continue Reading, Analyzing, and Discussing Chapter Two 

    Completing Lessons 11 through 13

    Week 9 (October 9th - 13)

    Continue Reading, Analyzing and Discussing Call of the Wild by Jack London

    Read, Analyze, and Discuss "Chapter Two" 

    Practice Citing Evidence from both text

    Fishbowl Discussion

    Complete Lessons 5 through 10

    Grades Due Oct. 15th 2017

    Week 8 (October 2nd -5th)

    All materials for Unit Two The Call of the Wild by Jack London have been provided by STPSB. The Call of the Wild packets will be kept in our classroom daily to prevent lost or damaged packets.

    Click the link here to access a pdf of the novel.The Call of the Wild

    Lesson 1

    Quote Discussion

    Epigraph Analysis

    Vocabulary Chart

    Constructed Response Exam

    Lesson 2

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Paragraphs 1-21

    Vocabulary Chart

    Lesson 3

    Read, Discuss, and Analyze Paragraphs 22 - 34

    Vocabulary Chart

    Lesson 4

    Finish Reading, Discussing, and Analyzing Chapter 1 

    Vocabulary Chart