Mr. Rollins
  • Geometry

    Grades 10-11


  • "The difference between a mathematician and a politician: the mathematician tries to say the most in the least number of words, the politician the opposite." ~ unknown


    My name is Ronald Rollins and this is my second year at CHS. (my sixth as a teacher) Mathematics has long been a passion of mine and I am excited to share that passion with my students. I believe we can truly appreciate and understand the beauty of pure mathematics if we can recognize its place in the world around us. I am proud to take up that challenge for my students and not only accomplish classroom curriculum, but discover how mathematics relates to our realities everyday.


    I am a graduate of Covington High and Southeastern Louisiana University, where I earned my Bachelors degree in Mathematics Education with a minor in Music. My wife, son, and I reside in Madisonville.


    If I can help assist please email me or call the school to set up a conference. I'm looking forward to a great year!


    Ronald R. Rollins II