Mr. Basse
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    School Phone: (985)892-3422

  • "Mathematics is the science which draws necessary conclusions." — Benjamin Pierce

         My name is Blaine Basse and this is my third year at Covington High. I am a Covington High graduate and live in Folsom with my wife and daughter. Mathematics has always been my passion and after over twenty years in business management, I decided to teach math.

         I have seen math in action from the construction site to the marketing and distribution end of business. The use of algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics are intertwined into our lives in more ways than we realize. I try to bring those real-life connections into the classroom to help students understand that math is more than numbers and operations, it is order made from chaos.

         If I can assist in any way, please email me or call the school to set up a conference.