• The new school year always begins with gym procedures and expectations.

    I like to start off fresh and with everyone on the same page.  Now it's time for

    exercising our bodies and brains Western style!

  •     Hello and welcome to my gymnasium.  This is my 3rd year teaching at Brock Elementary.

    I enjoy teaching Kindergarten through 5th grade, so I never have time to be bored! Each day is filled

    with excitement since I teach a variety of ages.


         I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and minor in

    Adaptive Physical Education.  I recently earned my cerfication in Elementary Art Education and certified to teach K-12th grade in

    all area's.  I love being creative in my gym and making physical education fun and relevant.


         "Saddling Up For Success," is our new school theme for this year.  I look forward to seeing my little ones riding around the 

    gym on their pool noodle ponies.  Giddy-Up, here we come!