• I'm Christy Chanson and it is very exicting to be teaching 3rd grade at the Greatest School in the Whole Wide World for the Sixth year. I joined the CES family as a parent in 2007 when my oldest son, Austin, started second grade at this school. He is now 18 and a freshman at Southeastern University. My twins, Logan and Nathan,  had the complete CES experience starting in Pre-K as little lions and finishing out through 3rd grade. They are now 14 and starting their freshman year at Covington High. CES is the Best!

    I received a Bachelor's Degree in elementary education from UNO in 1994. I taught for 11 years in St Bernard Public Schools. Moved to Covington in 2005, opened a business called Toddlearn, which I owned, operated, and taught preschool for 6 years. I returned to where my true passion lies. Teaching children is what gives me purpose. I love what I do for a living and hope that I can make a difference in the life of every child that enters my classroom. I want to inspire your children to be responsible, organized, ready learners everyday that truly enjoy their educational experience!