Mr. Courville
  • Welcome to Algebra 1. 

    This webpage takes the place of Moodle from previous years.


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  


    We have a challenging year ahead of us.  The standards for Algebra 1 are very comprehensive.  They require us to not only understand the processes required to solve algebraic functions, but also to be able to apply a deep understanding of how to develop algebraic functions given specific scenarios.  In other words, we have to build the correct function before we apply our process knowledge.  


    High School math is not a spectator sport.  It requires us to participate in our learning.  It requires repetition of processes to gain recognition of situational application.  It's through this repetition and recognition that we acquire a complete understanding of the content.  Ultimately, we will be asked to prove to the state that we are competent and capable of successfully applying our knowledge.


    There are several links on this web page that are there for our benefit.  Keep track of the calendar to ensure you are prepared for upcoming content.  


    You will find a page in the menu that contains the description of the state standards as well as the district's scope and sequence for Algebra 1.  


    Make sure you get your absences excused in the mandated time, then, make sure you make up any assignments you missed to ensure you receive credit.


    Dedicate yourselves to success and excellence, and remember to participate in your learning.