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    Mrs. Nienaber

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    Hello and welcome to the JUNIOR and SENIOR counseling website page. The counselors for the Junior and Seniors at Northshore High School are Mrs. Nienaber and Mrs. Duplantier. The students will see the counselor that matches their last name. Students will stay with the same counselor for both their junior and senior school year.  We hope that you are able to find some great resources on our website. If you have additional questions throughout the school year please feel free to email your student's counselor.  Please make sure you come back often as we update several of our pages multiple times a week.

     Create a LOSFA Student Hub Account and follow your progress towards earning a TOPS Award. To create your account go to www.osfa.la.gov, click “Student Hub” in the menu across the top of the LOSFA homepage and follow the instructions. The “TOPS Tracker” within the LOSFA Student Hub will allow you to follow your progress towards earning a TOPS award. Students and parents should check their information to make sure it is correct before LOFSA begins TOPS processing this summer. Be aware that TOPS awards are based on TOPS CORE GPA, not overall GPA, and GPA cannot be rounded up or down. For guidance on how to correct TOPS processing errors, go to http://www.osfa.la.gov/MainSitePDFs/T2018-2.pdf.

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