• Ericka Lillis, M.Ed, MBA, NCSC, LPC

    Hello and welcome to my counseling page. This is my 6th year being a counselor and my first year at Marigny Elementary. I love being a counselor and I especially love being a school counselor at Marigny Elementary. It is often said, if you ever want to feel like a rock star, work in an elementary school. This is certianly true and my star fish friends fill my bucket each and every day.

    I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Later, I earned a master's degree in Counseling Education and an MBA.

    Mandeville has been my home for the past 22 years and it has been a wonderful place to raise my three beautiful children.  

    It is hard to believe we are already in 2018. Our friendship groups are in full force and we have 85 students, and counting, in 18 groups. We covered many interesting topics and I have wittnessed incredible growth and insight from even my youngest star fish.


    Please feel free to stop by, email or call if you have any questions, concerns or just want to introduce yourself.