Renee Pando

    Name: Ms. Pando

    Subjects Taught: Art 1-4

    Years on TEAM PR: 6

    Education: Bachelor of Art Education from University of Louisiana at Lafayette- GO CAJUNS! I attended high school at Fountainebleau High.



  • REQUEST FOR DONATIONS: Hello families!  The art department is always accepting the following donations: any  new/used art supplies ( sharpies, sharpie pens, colored/black, color pencils, markers, expo markers, white and black acrylic paint, blue painters tape, scotch tape, mixed media sketchbooks, white posterboards) , styrofoam plates, thin cardboard ( like cereal boxes), hand soap, paper towels, ziplock bags.  

    I am so grateful for any help I can recieve to make sure our student artists have everything they need to CREATE!



    Welcome to art class! Art 1 is an introductory course in art education. Students in this course can expect to learn beginner drawing, painting, color theory, crafting and art history, focusing on gaining an understanding of the elements and principles of art.  All students will be required to pay a $3 art fee which will cover all art materials used in class. In addition to the art fee, students must have a 8x11 or 9x12 sketchbook every day in class, as well as a poster board which will serve as a portolio for artwork.  I also require all students to have an OPEN MIND and a WILLINGNESS to think outside of the box and exercise your imagination on a daily basis. 

    ABOUT ART 2-4

    Welcome back to art class! In addition to the above information, students in this course can expect a deeper understand of the elements and principles via more complex projects and more opportunities to pursue subjects/mediums which they find personally interesting. Projects will be more focused on STUDENT DEVELOPED ideas.  It is important to note that this is a shared level course, which means art 2, 3, and 4 students will all be in the same class. This means that art 3 and 4 students will sometimes be working on different assignments than the art 2 students. Students in art 3 and 4 will be given the opportunity to complete a number of independent ( student chosen) projects in order to improve on skills and ideas they have already explored.