Mr. Hyman
  • Congratulations. You have been selected to be in Mr. Hyman's 7th grade Science class. Be prepared to bring out your inner scientist. You will be expected to create, solve problems, design, engineer, learn, experience, ask questions, and most importantly.... think. Come prepared and ready to work hard. It's going to be interesting, difficult, enlightening and maybe even a little fun. 


    This is my 10th year teaching. My 6th year of exuding pure awesomeness as a Science teacher at MJH. Science is the coolest subject to ever hit the planet (fact, not opinion). And I am the coolest teacher you may ever encounter. (Could be considered opinion, but I do sweat ice. So that whole Observation/Inference science thing.)   By the time you leave my class you will love science too. I talk fast and teach faster. I love chocolate, especially snickers.  I believe science class should be an experience not a lecture, so bring your A game if you too want to be awesome.



    Mr. Hyman


    You NEVER fail until you STOP TRYING.

     - Albert Einstein