Ms. Merrill
  • Ms. Shaneika Merrill

    5th grade Math/Science


  • It is with great pleasure I welcome you to my classroom. My name is Shaneika 
    Merrill. I have a degree in elementary education and an advanced graduate 
    degree in educational leadership in the area of administration and 
    I have thoroughly enjoyed 18 years as an elementary school teacher. I have 
    taught grades 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.  I have previously taught in East Baton 
    Rouge Parish School System. While in Baton Rouge, I have served as an onsite 
    member of the Instructional Leadership Team, where I also was afforded the 
    opportunity to serve in the capacity of an elementary school mathematics 
    instructional coach for a tenure of five years. During this time I serviced 
    grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Three of the 16 years of teaching 
    were in New Orleans, where I taught 4th grade.  I have been an employee in St. 
    Tammany Parish for 5 years. 
    It is due to  the aforementioned experiences that I  wholeheartedly believe 
    the philosophy that all student can learn, maybe not at the same rate or at 
    the same time as others. However, when given a safe environment,  where 
    students feel comfortable in asking questions and expressing their thoughts 
    and feelings,  which leads to participating in class discussion/activities 
    where students are unafraid of taking risk , confident in themselves as well 
    as their learning community will they truly grow and flourish academically as 
    well as individually. I look forward to working with you this school year!