• Coach Ben Strohl

    Hello and welcome to Louisiana History and my classroom. Louisiana History will provide you with a better understanding of Louisiana’s history, government, environment, and culture. Geography concepts and map skills will be emphasized as well as how humans interact with their environment and each other. Students will be exposed to a variety of methods used to introduce, reinforce, and enrich the central theme/concept. 

    This is my 8th year teaching and my second year teaching at FJH. I did my student teaching at FJH and am excited to return to where my teaching career started.  I graduated from Southeastern in 2010 with a degree in Education and a double minor in history and political science.  I also attended the Universtiy of Southern Mississippi and earned a Masters degree in Educational Admininstration in 2017.

    In addition to my classroom duties I will be coaching the FJH football team and handling minor discipline issues(ID's, tardies, dresscode violations, etc.).  I look forward to an awesome school year both inside the classroom and on the field. Go Canes!