Burgess Faculty Picture
  • Welcome to Mrs. Burgess' Chemistry class at Mandeville 
    High School.

    Mrs. Burgess has been teaching at Mandeville High

    since the fall of 2012 after earning her degree, a
    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, from the University of Texas at Austin. Mrs. Burgess holds a Texas teaching
    in composite science (biology, geology,
    physics, and all other sciences) and Louisiana
    certifications in Chemistry and General Science.
    Chemistry is an interesting class but can sometimes be
    Mrs. Burgess will do her best to make it fun
    and accessible to
    everyone. Having said that, if you ever
    feel lost or
    have a question about something, Mrs. Burgess
    is available in my
    classroom after school on Tuesdays and
    before school by
    appointment. Good luck this year!