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    Welcome to JAG (Jobs for America's Graduates).  JAG is a highly successful national program that prepares students for life after high school.  The curriculum is divded into two components, Career Development and Personal Skills Development.  Personal Skills are those atributes that employers look for.  They are the foundation for success in life.  Personal Skills include (1) Communication Skills, (2) Leadership Skills, and (3) Decision Making Skills.  In Career Development we explore (1) what it takes to be successful in a career, (2) the mechanics of getting a job, and (3) how to select the career that is best for you.


    Every student in JAG is also in the Salmen JAG Career Association.  This student lead organization provides the labratory for developing the skills we learn in class.  It also provides opportunities for students to participate in Community Service Projects.  In addition, seniors in the JAG program will receive a one-year follow-up service that provides mentoring by the JAG Specialist.


    I am very privledged to be a part of the JAG program.  After six years as a high school band director, 30+ years as a private saxophone instructor and professional musician, and 29 years as a business owner (Slidell Cleaners, Inc.), I find teaching JAG to be the most reward career of my life. 


    JAG works!  It teaches students to "Be at the rigth place, at the right time, with the right equipment, the right preparation, and the right attitude." ~ L. Bruce Jones