• Greetings Students and Parents,

    We will cover pre-history and early man, the River Valley civilizations of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, China, the Classical Civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance Periods.

    I consider learning to be a behavior change over time; for that reason, I will present and develop challenging lessons for your child that will stimulate and motivate your child to think, discover, and reflect, and always give the opportunity for improvement. 

     Homework Policy:  Students will be assigned homework/ classwork daily to be completed by an assigned date. Student must write the assignment in the school agenda. If a student does not complete the assignment on the due date they may still recover their grade by completing the assignment and showing the teacher. 

     Make-up and Regrades- All students can turn in late work and retake test or projects to improve performance. Please take advantage of this policy. 

     Notebook Setups: Students will use the composition notebook to complete most of the assignments in and out of class.

    We will number the pages on each page of the notebook.      L-- means left side          R--means right side

     The purpose of this site is to inform the parent of the content that is covered in class and homework and to help parents understand the expectations. 

    Each child has a MOODLE account that will be filled with resources such as videos, files, power points, and quizzes. Please review test and prepare for the test using moodle. 

Theresa C. Earhart, M. ED
  • Mrs. T. Earhart, M. ED

    Secondary Social Studies

    Curriculum and Instruction

    18 years experience