• Greetings Students and Parents,

    We will cover pre-history and early man, the River Valley civilizations of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, China, the Classical Civilizations of China, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance Periods.

    I consider learning to be a behavior change over time; for that reason, I will present and develop challenging lessons for your child that will stimulate and motivate your child to think, discover, and reflect

     Homework Policy:  Students will be assigned homework/ classwork daily to be completed by an assigned date. Student must write the assignment in the school agenda.

     Make-up and Regrades- All students can turn in late work and retake test or projects to improve performance.

     Notebook Setups: Students will use the composition notebook to complete most of the assignments in and out of class.

    We will number the pages on each page of the notebook.

    L-- means left side

    R--means right side


    The purpose of this site is to inform the parent of the content that is covered in class and homework.

    Each child has a MOODLE account that will be filled with resources such as videos, files, power points, and quizzes.

Theresa C. Earhart, M. ED