Mrs. Rotolo
  • Mrs. Rotolo

    Welcome to my classes!  Together we can help the students succeed.  Your child's achievement is very important to me. Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to working with you this year.

    English IV - Dual Enrollment

    British Literature combined with English 101/102 (through SELU).  Students will explore historical background and delve into reading, writing, and extensive analysis of literature for English IV.  Assignments will be joined with essays required to meet the English 101/102 criteria for college credit.

    Teaching Internship

    Interns receive weekly lessons on classroom management, educational psychology/learning styles, lesson planning, professionalism, educational technology, and more.  In addition to the curriculum, interns get hands-on field experience by working with mentor teachers at feeder schools.  The connections the students make with their mentors, students, and future colleagues aid in the solid foundation of their future careers in education.

    Publications I & II (Yearbook)

    Staff members in the yearbook class are responsible for taking photographs, writing copy (stories), and documenting the events of the entire school year.  Throughout the year, students are exposed to marketing techniques, journalistic writing, interviewing, and photography basics.  This course prepares students for a working/business environment as their goal is to produce a product, the yearbook.

    About Mrs. Rotolo

    Beginning my seventh year teaching is both exciting and rewarding as we celebrate all our students! As a proud alumnae of Slidell High, it is both my privilege and my honor to return home to teach.

    I received my Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2008.  In pursuit to achieve my dream of teaching, I received my teaching certificate from Southeastern Louisiana University.  Most recently, I received my Master of Science in Education- Educational Theory and Practice. Teaching YOUR children has given me the drive to constantly learn, reflect, and better my practice.