Kristy Vander, Librarian

  • Clearwood Library Media Center

    Welcome! I hope you will visit our library next time you come to Clearwood. We open at 8:00 so students can take care of their library needs such as exchanging or renewing their books to avoid overdue fines. Some mornings the computer lab is full of students typing a report or searching for the "just right" photo for a PowerPoint assignment. Other mornings you will witness groups of students who have found a common interest consorting with one another, playing games, or chatting.  Randomly scattered throughout the library, you will find individual students tucked away reading, drawing or building a puzzle. 

    The students learn how to interact with one another in a respectful way as well as how to share a space that is being used for multipurposes.

    Fourth and fifth grade students have 30 minutes a week built into their schedule. They learn valuable skills that will help them sort through information and find answers to questions and problems. Along with these information skills they will also be exposed to internet safety and research projects. Junior high students also have a 30 minute time slot in their ELA block that is used at the teachers discretion. 

     Hours:  8am - 4pm     2 books 2 week   .05 per day over due date


    My name is Kristy Vander and this is my 8th year as Library Media Specialist at Clearwood. I earned my Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Technology in 2011 and my Library Science certification in 2009, both from Southeastern Louisiana University.