Natalie Scalia

    Chapter 9 Quiz - Tuesday, 11-13-18


    Unit 3 Part A TEST will be Thursday, 11-15-18



     **PLEASE check Jpams regularly**


    I am instituting a slight change to my late work policy - you will no longer have the entire 9 week period to turn in an assignment.  You will have 1 week (7days - including Sat & Sun) to turn in an assignment past the due date.  After that, I will not grade the assignment.




  • Hello and welcome to my classroom.  




    If you are absent - 

    Check Moodle - all of your missed assginments can be found there.


    How to access online textbook:  (follow these directions)

    Go to MJH home page

    Click on the Moodle icon

    Scroll down to 8th grade - click on Louisiana History (be sure not to click on teacher edition)

    Click on Louisiana - Our History - Our Home

    Enter Username and Password that was included in the Welcome Letter and on the "how to access online text book handout"

    Click enter - you will now be at the home page of the textbook 




    NJHS members - most of the information for you guys can be found by looking at the calendar - it will be highlighted in RED


    Office: 985-626-4428