Rebecca McCann
  • Mrs. Rebecca McCann

    Hello and welcome to my classroom.  This is my ninth year teaching In St. Tammany Parish.  This is my fourth year teaching at Folsom Elementary.  I love teaching and I especially love teaching the children in St. Tammany.


    I graduated from Southeastern Univeristy with a bachelors degree in Social Work in 1995.  In 2000, I went to Concordia Univeristy where I recieved my Masters in Early Childhood Administration.  Later, I earned my teaching ceritificate at UNO in New Orleans.  I have also attended professional development for Project Read, Kagan, Burst, and many other intervention programs.


    I look forward to working with you and your child this shcool year.  We wil be covering many interesting topics and will be exploring in science class.